Tuesday, December 4, 2012

See you Saturday for Yule?

We're getting all gussied up and ready to have company Saturday for our Yuletide celebration!  You will be joining us, right?  Don't forget!  It's this Saturday, December 8th at the Norton Younglove Senior Center, 908 Park Avenue in Calimesa ($5 donation requested).  Ritual starts at 7:00, but you can come as early as six o'clock to have time to set everything down and shmooze a little. 

After the ritual, we'll be feasting on ham, turkey and stuffing, more ham, beef brisket, mashed potatoes and gravy... I'm getting hungry just writting this!  I'm sure we'll enjoy whatever you bring too!

At some point in the evening, Father Winter will be there with gifts for the kids!  You have been good, right?  (Let's hope he forgets to bring any coal!)

We'll be singing pagan caroles too!  We have the traditional favorites like "A Holly Jolly Yuletide,"  "Deck the Halls" and "The Holly Tree Carol" and our own personal favorites like "Share the Light," "The Goddess Rest ye Merry, Witch" and "Dancing in a Wiccan Wonderland."  Don't worry if you don't know the words, you can pick up a copy for a $1.

I almost forgot about the raffle!  We're having an amazing raffle where you have a chance to win some spectacular stuff!  There's lots of books, a bejeweled mirror, and even a fairy house!  I won't tell if you decide to keep it for yourself.  Promise!

And please don't forget to support our military folks with a donation for Operation Circle Care.  They're looking for new or gently used pagan jewelry, music, crystals, small God and Goddess statues, pagan books (no nudity!), incense, oils, altar cloths, etc.

Oh!  Before I forget, I was asked to please point out that if you click where it says "Location: Norton Younglove Center" at the bottom of this post, it brings up google maps.  After all, we wouldn't want you to get lost! 


  1. We will also have a Christmas Bingo game for the adults $1.00 a card, A kids corner, Peppermint Goddess bars for a $1.00, we will all have a Merry time!!!!!!

  2. AnonymousSeptember 29, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    I just want to comment on the raffle. I have managed many for a lot of different events and while I really like the idea of pulling the numbers the way you did, you need to take a look at the way you "mixed" the tickets in the containers. When they are flat in the container, moving the container back and forth and up and down will not turn the tickets over unless the container is very large. I know that luck is everything but when someone who bought tickets 10 minutes before the draw wins 3 big prizes on 5 tickets..that should tell you that the tickets on top were much more likely to be drawn. Not sour grapes at all, my ticket purchase was always considered a donation and I could have bought anything I really wanted but I do think it needs to be fair. Next time try dumping all of the tickets in the container into a bowl, selecting one and putting it on the prize. This will remove the containers from the table making it less crowded and easier to look at and will allow the tickets in the container to really mix up. Just my .02

    1. Very valid points! I will make sure that the folks working the raffle address this issue. Thanks!