Sunday, June 9, 2013

Family Fun Picnic Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for joining us at the Family Fun Picnic yesterday!  We had a blast!
The kids area was a big hit!  "Kid" translates into actual child or kid-at-heart.  Although the broomstick races were canceled (we ran out of time) they had beading, games, puzzles and potholder looms!  Yes, I totally re-entered my childhood and made a potholder while I was at the welcome table.

We had three different tarot card readers, and a chant workshop in between drawings for the raffle (which had some awesome stuff!)  One of my favorite moments was one of our guests saying that she never wins anything, raffles are just her way of tithing just before her ticket was drawn!

The weather was beautiful (as long as the breeze stayed) and we had local folks in attendance as well as folks from farther afield (a three hour drive!)  Thanks to everyone's generosity, we were able to donate 164 pounds of dog & catfood to the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley!  Well done everyone! Thank you for making it a such a fun event!