Sunday, May 17, 2015

Workshops for MerryMeet this August

We are searching high and low to offer workshops that empower you, enrich your knowledge, and feed your soul.  While we do not yet know which workshop will be offered on which day, we can assure you that the following workshops will be offered:

Quantum Physics and Magickal Philosophy ~ Hosted by Arnold Kameda
Quantum Physics and Magickal Philosophy is the correlation of the current understanding of of the science of Quantum Physics to the conventional understandings of metaphycis and magickal application. This workshop is rooted in the fundamental belief that magick is not supernatural but rather that magick is purely natural. Everything in nature can be explained in magic and everything in magic can be explained in nature. According to this premise, this workshop will show that Quantum Physics which is a part of nature can thus be explained in magical terms.

Arnold Kameda is an elder and a member of the National Assembly of Solitaries

Listen Like the Ancestors, Speak Like Tomorrow's Witch ~ Hosted by Amber K & Azrael Arynn K

Indigenous peoples had and have ways of listening, talking, understanding, and deciding that are sometimes very different from modern Western styles, keeping community clarity and trust as they made decisions that could mean life or death for the tribe. We have much to learn from them. Explore some of these traditions and discover what techniques could help your coven or Pagan community to bond and thrive.

Then move with us to another perspective, as we examine a modern set of communications techniques called "Crucial Conversations." When you find yourself in a situation where opinions differ radically, emotions run hot, and the stakes are high, how can you make sure that real communication happens? Along with consensus process and Non-Violent Communication, this approach will add resources to your toolkit whether you are a leader, facilitator, or just someone who wants to be heard. 

Amber is the author of True MagickCovencraft, and otherbooks on the Craft and magick including co-writing Candlemas with Azrael K, The Heart of Tarot, and the award-winning RitualCraft. She is also the Executive Director of Ardantane, Dean of the School of Pagan  Leadership. 

Azrael Arynn K is a talented costume designer and ritualist, and a third degree priestess in the Ladywood Tradition of Wicca.  She is also Dean of the School of Sacred Living and is the primary designer of the Ardantane campus.  

Interested in hosting a workshop?  Please let us know!