Monday, June 22, 2015

MerryMeet 2015

I saw a cute cartoon on facebook... “I desperately want to go camping this summer… preferably in a hotel, with a pool and a spa!”  That’s what I’ll be doing in August at MerryMeet! Camping in a hotel in sunny California! Are you going to join us?

Our Leadership Intensive (Thursday, Aug. 13th) is focusing on Wiccan Clergy. We’ll have workshops on real communication, talking about our faith, prison ministry, mandated reporting, CoG’s history, sacred sexuality and even taxes!

While you’re attending Grand Council your covenmates can attend workshops on Quantum Physics and magick, vibrational changes, Cherry Hill Seminary, herbs and oils and even a clay meditation! We’re still adding workshops so check our website for updates (!

Want to do some shopping and support our pagan vendors? Enchanted Crystal will tempt you with treasures for your soul, Unique Keepsakes offers beautiful stained glass pieces, Wonderfully Made has amazing reversible totes, robes and cloaks, DragonMarsh will fill your senses with teas, incenses and oils, and Coyote Tales will offer you ancestral designs in silver and gold!

Your evenings will be filled with ritual and music (so bring your voices and/or instrument)! We’re even having a murder mystery… YOU might be our murderer! I sincerely hope you won’t be our victim!

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