Community Links

Touchstone' Member Covens 

Ecclasian Fellowship

Circle of the Emerald Forest
Temple of the Amethyst Moon
Circle of the Obsidian Oak

TLC also has Assembly of Solitaries which membership varies from time to time.

Support your local community!

DragonMarsh 3643 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 276-1116
Kindred Spirits 813 Foothill Blvd. Claremont, CA 91711
(800) 391-3833
Lady of the Lake 27326 Jefferson st. #19 Temecula, CA 92590
(909) 694-0112
Ravens Flight ~ a local web based business

CoG's Presence in Southern California

Califia Local Council ~ PO Box 17640, San Diego, CA 92117
Orange County Local Council ~ PO Box 5064, Orange, CA 93863
Southern California Local Council ~ PO Box 8410, Van Nuys, CA 91409


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