MerryMeet 2017 - Activities

MerryMeet (MM) is all the activities that happen in and around Grand Council.

At the 2016 Grand Council it was decided to have a "bare-bones" MerryMeet for 2017. So we will be including some of the aspects of prior MerryMeets, but not all of them.

Yes, we will have a limited number of vendors in Grand Council room. 
* Ardantane - Books, jewelry, keys, and cool Witchy items.
* Lady O - lotions, creams, jewelry, hand made bags, and much more.
* Janine's Joys - hand crafted wand bags, pouches, and joyous fun things
* MerryMeet's raffle and merchandise table

Leadership Institute:
The theme this year will be "With Visions of the Past and Memories of the Future" click HERE for pdf flyer with details.

Tea Dance:
The annual Tea Dance is not a required part of the MM activities, however it is one of the best way to make friends and celebrate the joys of completing Grand Council on time.

This year's Tea Dance theme is Pajama Party! So come show off your Witchy pjs, your cute sleepwear, and your comfy night clothes. This will be a casual get together with time to enjoy the company of friends and fellow Witches. Music in the background, cards against humanity in the corner, conversations with friend. Happy noshing.

Alcohol will be permitted at the Tea Dance, the hotel has a bar on site.

Members of the Covenant can click HERE for information specific to Grand Council.
If you would like to attend you can click HERE for a registration form and payment page.