The local community is the primary focus for Touchstone Local Council. The principal goals of the council are best reflected in its Mission Statement:

Touchstone, the Inland Empire Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess, seeks to respectfully serve the Wiccan community by fostering understanding and tolerance, working toward mutually valued goals, promoting the recognition and empowerment of earth-based religions, and acting as a resource for groups and individuals seeking knowledge of the ancient ways.

Touchstone Local Council serves the Wiccan and Craft community through:
Interfaith: building bridges of understanding and acceptance between those of other religious persuasions and ourselves.

Outreach: serving as a visible point of reference for those of like mind through events and community contact.

Public Information: actively working to change the negative stereotypes of the Craft.

Charity: manifesting our beliefs through action.

Ecology: acting as stewards of the natural world, in which we see divinity manifested.

To be the Touchstone for the community: not only for the Craft, Witches and Wiccans, but to all those of kindred spirit and like mind, catalyzing together soul, mind and body to foster positive action for ourselves, our community and our world.

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